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Feb 9, 2009

J&C Benefit CD to fight malaria in Uganda is now available

Just wanted to let you know some exciting news.  Carrie and i were asked by Quickstar Productions  to be apart of a benefit CD featuring East Coast Christian Artitsts.  it is called Unified By Grace.  Our song Remind Me is on this benefit CD along with 19 other artists.  you can preview the CD here if you like -

This benefit is for the Nyambabare Clinic in Southwestern Uganda.  This clinic provides basic health care to an impoverished community of two thousand people.  And fifty percent of the proceeds of this CD will be going to keep the clinic stocked with anti-malarial medications and mosquito nets (the other fifty percent will be going to help us out with CD and production costs).  you can read more about this and how you can help (like if you are led to give more) at this site -

the CD is $5.  you can get it a few different ways.  you can come to one of our shows.  if you bump into me ill have them with me.  or i can mail one to you (and it will only be $2 more for shipping).  please let me know if you are interested.  thanks for considering helping this cause.  below is a pic of the Nyambabare Clinic.